More Mouse Hole Media Madness

On International Women’s Day, I received a notification that I’d been included in this list of “inspirational local women.”

I’m sure it’s not deserved, and there are plenty of way more inspirational women than me in our borough, but consider me very flattered!

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Mice on Holiday

Well, this was a surprise! We have a boot scraper copycat–er, mouse–hole around the corner from the original Wakehurst Mouse Hole!

An invitation appeared in “my” mouse hole the other day, which the homeowner took a photo of and sent to me. I quickly headed down the road to check it out in person.

After seeing the note, I walked around the corner and discovered this:

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Unsolved Mice-teries

As I sit here in my house in February 2021, wallowing in the ennui of this winter lockdown and anticipating another rainy day of half-term with nowhere to go and nothing to do, I’m grateful I’ve at least got these little mouse hole projects to give me some small sense of purpose and a creative outlet.

And with the feedback I’ve recently received, I think I’m going to be busy for months to come, as people seem to enjoy the mouse hole more than I could even have guessed.

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Bernie in the Mouse Hole

The instantly iconic Bernie-Sanders-at-the-inauguration memes this week have been giving everyone something to laugh about during a difficult time, so I decided to get in on the fun.

Not much else to do on a cold January Saturday in lockdown, anyway. I made everything out of materials I already had in the house, which I think Bernie would appreciate. The chair is recycled cardboard and clothespins/pegs, and his hair is some clippings from one of my daughter’s stuffed animals (shh! don’t tell her!)

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