Day 80: The End of Our Captivity, Sort of / Black Lives Matter

In our America, black lives matter poster

And on the 80th day (which was this past Tuesday), R went back to nursery school, effectively marking the end of this period of isolation for our family.

79 days in captivity chalkboard
Our count-up calendar is over, at least for now

She was so excited. We had talked about how things would be different there, and she seemed fine with it, as long as she got to go back and see her friends and her teacher. Hearing my 3-year-old ask about seeing her best friend again, “Can I touch her?” was just heart-wrenching. Continue reading

Day 48 of Our Captivity

Let’s see, what’s new this week… not a ton, really. Hard to believe we’re approaching 50 days of isolation.

A very empty Clapham Common on a lovely spring morning

Our household has the same story as many households. We’re at home. We’re safe and healthy. We’re going a bit out of our minds but, overall, we are very grateful for our circumstances: a comfortable house, a paycheck, food, our health, connection with others via the Internet. Continue reading

Around Here Lately: Madonna, Mum Dance, and Megxit

{Note: I’ve got several blog posts in the works right now recapping trips we’ve taken, but I just realized that I didn’t post anything in February at all. Fortunately, I got an extra day this year to make sure I got a post up this month! So this is going to be a bit random and rambly.}

It didn’t fit in with the alliteration in my post title, but actually the main word on everyone’s possibly-masked lips right now is “Coronavirus”; “Megxit” and even “Brexit” seem to be taking a break from the mouths of the gossiping masses. We just had February half term (weeklong school holiday), and a ski holiday in the Alps is a very popular destination for this particular break every year. We know lots of our kids’ classmates who did this, as well as our next-door neighbours. (We went to Lisbon, which will be given a full and robust post soon.)

In Lisbon last week

Continue reading

Anecdotes, Part 4

{My Anecdotes are posts in which I comment on my observations of unexpected cultural differences, or just amusing incidents that don’t really warrant their own individual blog post.}

1. Well, today is finally The Day. Brexit deadline is finally here, for real this time! No more extensions! Except that no one really knows what’s going on or how things are going to change or what it will mean for them, personally. It’s still a mess that no one knows how to handle. Continue reading

Queen’s Tennis

Well, I’ve been unsuccessful two years in a row in securing tickets for Wimbledon (unless some miracle happens between now and July), but last week a broker M works with offered him two tickets to the Queen’s Club Championship Finals, which is kind of a warm-up for Wimbledon and draws some major players, and we jumped at the chance to go.

We got a babysitter for the girls and enjoyed that rare treat: a day date! Continue reading