Around Here Lately 

It’s hot in London. Legitimately hot, even by American standards. Sure, Baltimore gets hotter and definitely more humid, but pretty much everywhere I need to go is air-conditioned: house, car, office, stores, restaurants. I miss air-conditioning SO HARD right now. And what I would give for a ceiling fan!

I’m typing this with my feet swishing in the inflatable paddling pool I bought for the kids, which was maybe the best money I spent all year. I’m living off of sorbet and rosé. People are queuing outside stores to buy fans. The grocery stores are literally sold out of ice cream. These are dark times.

The ice cream freezer at my local grocery store: completely empty. M reported the store by his office was the same. EVERYBODY PANIC!

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Diana: Her Fashion Story

This morning I met my friend Melissa, who’s also an American living in London (our husbands work together), at Kensington Palace for the new exhibition titled Diana: Her Fashion Story.​

Queen Victoria welcomes you to Kensington Palace

I have a membership to the Historic Royal Palaces, which gets me into Kensington Palace for free, but this was the first time I’ve actually gone in. Which, naturally, led to this train of thought this morning:

Don’t the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge call Kensington Palace their official residence? So there’s actually a chance I could be in the same building at the same time as Princess Kate?

Then, of course, I faced the age-old conundrum: What does one wear when going to the palace home of a princess? What if we both showed up wearing the same thing? I mean, how embarrassing. I decided to save dear Kate from any feelings of awkwardness and selected a cardigan from Target. Okay, so I may not own any haute couture myself, but I do enjoy the spectator sport of ogling celebrities dressed up for big events. And Diana was major in the fashion world.


It was fun to see so many of her dresses she was famously photographed in up close. For the most part, her ’90s wear was really good, but even the People’s Princess couldn’t make ’80s fashion age well. (The exhibit referred to it as her “Dynasty period.”)



How she sat down in this one is beyond me


She wore this one to the Christie’s auction where she auctioned off many of her dresses to raise money for humanitarian causes


Some of the designs she collaborated on with the designers; some include her notes

The exhibition isn’t enormous, so it doesn’t take too long to get through, so we had time to wander around some of the other rooms at the palace open for touring. Then we headed to the cafe for tea and scones.

Thinking of doing my parlour room in this Diana wallpaper*
*I don’t really have a parlour room

Alas, there were no living royals sightings this time. I’ll just have to go back and try again!

This way to the “throne” rooms! (The royal baby changing room still stank of dirty nappies. Now we know.)