Unofficial-Homeschool Cooking Class

You know how when you are under government-ordered lockdown and suddenly have to homeschool your children, and you get so tired of them whining about wanting a snack, and then when you suggest a healthy snack they whine some more because what they want is the individually packaged stuff that’s supposed to be reserved for times when we’re going somewhere, except that now we aren’t going anywhere? Cool, me too.

Well, my version of homeschool for my 6- and 3-year-old includes cooking class several times a week, because they like to “help,” and because we have a few recipes in our repertoire that they love and think are special-treat snacks, but which are secretly pretty healthy. I thought I’d share the recipes online, in case anyone else is in need of something to both occupy their children’s time and satisfy their appetite for snacks. Continue reading