The Little Prince

Cough, cough. Is this thing on? [Blows off the dust]

“Can’t wait to read your Royal Birth blog post!” my mom texted me yesterday. Oh, right. I have a blog. I nearly forgot. We were in the States for the first two weeks of the month, and we’ve been just trying to get back into the swing of things here ever since.

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Visiting the Queen’s Homes

That’s right, last autumn Her Maj had us round for a tour of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Well, she didn’t exactly lead us around herself, but still.

Buckingham Palace State Rooms

When the queen goes to Balmoral Castle, her holiday house in Scotland, from the end of July through September, she opens the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace for touring. We went on the last day it was open, October 1, along with my parents.

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