Bernie in the Mouse Hole

The instantly iconic Bernie-Sanders-at-the-inauguration memes this week have been giving everyone something to laugh about during a difficult time, so I decided to get in on the fun.

Not much else to do on a cold January Saturday in lockdown, anyway. I made everything out of materials I already had in the house, which I think Bernie would appreciate. The chair is recycled cardboard and clothespins/pegs, and his hair is some clippings from one of my daughter’s stuffed animals (shh! don’t tell her!)

Hope this gives lots of people a good laugh when they walk past a certain Victorian boot scraper on Clapham Common!

In fact, I already received a message via Instagram, from someone I don’t know:

I think she might be right, I HAVE outdone myself, and I’ve probably peaked now. I don’t think I can top this one!

And ICYMI/have been living under a rock, here are a few examples of what this is about: