Day 10 of Our Captivity

Well, it finally happened. We knew it would. Boris Johnson announced last night that London is going into lockdown for three weeks, effective immediately. If we are not essential workers, we are allowed to leave our houses just once a day, for the purpose of going to the grocery store or pharmacy, or for exercise such as walking, running, or cycling. Non-essential shops would all be forced to close. Playgrounds and outdoor gyms are now off limits (finally). People are not allowed to be out together in groups larger than two, aside from families.

Thank goodness they haven’t closed the parks entirely (though that could be the next wave of restrictions, if people don’t behave themselves this time). If they take away M’s ability to ride his bike around Richmond Park in the early morning, my husband will LOSE THE WILL TO LIVE. Continue reading

Day 8 of Our Captivity: More Musings

Well, we’ve passed the week mark on our isolation here in London. We are all healthy, no symptoms of anything, other than cabin fever—mild depression, anxiety, and boredom. We are pretty well stocked, with food and toilet paper and other supplies. Coffee and wine (and port). Basic medicines. Home workout equipment. Electronic devices connected to the Internet (except for the one day this week when the Internet went down for everyone on our street). Homeschooling is not something I EVER wanted to do, and the house is way messier than normal, but needs must. M can work from home; it’s not ideal, but at least it’s possible. We’re some of the lucky ones.

They made their own playground

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Day 2 of Our Captivity

Well, it’s not anything you don’t already know, but the U.K. is not acting as quickly or taking this public health crisis as seriously as the rest of the world. So while pretty much all of Europe has been closing its borders and schools, U.K. residents are being told to “keep calm and carry on handwashing.”

Time will soon tell, but this is likely a massive mistake. I don’t understand how or why the government is being so slow to take action on the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading

Portugal Part 1: Pretty Porto (Without Kids)

This winter I managed to take not one, but two trips to Portugal within a month! I’d never been to Portugal before, but I am already hoping for another return visit.

In January, my friend Amber visited me in London again (third time! gold star for her), and we wanted to go somewhere for a three-day ladies’ weekend. Our criteria was it had to be a short, direct flight, and somewhere where it might be sunnier than London.

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Around Here Lately: Madonna, Mum Dance, and Megxit

{Note: I’ve got several blog posts in the works right now recapping trips we’ve taken, but I just realized that I didn’t post anything in February at all. Fortunately, I got an extra day this year to make sure I got a post up this month! So this is going to be a bit random and rambly.}

It didn’t fit in with the alliteration in my post title, but actually the main word on everyone’s possibly-masked lips right now is “Coronavirus”; “Megxit” and even “Brexit” seem to be taking a break from the mouths of the gossiping masses. We just had February half term (weeklong school holiday), and a ski holiday in the Alps is a very popular destination for this particular break every year. We know lots of our kids’ classmates who did this, as well as our next-door neighbours. (We went to Lisbon, which will be given a full and robust post soon.)

In Lisbon last week

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