Two Boot Scrapers, Three Mice

Well, we came out of lockdown, and then pretty much immediately had to participate in “surge testing” for the South African variant of the virus, which had popped up in our local area.

It was like, Happy reopening! …now go get tested. (Ours were negative.)

But fortunately, school has resumed following the Easter holidays, and pretty much all the kids’ activities have resumed as well. So we’ve been trying to get back into a routine after a very disjointed start to this year.

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Somebunny New in the Mouse Hole

Meet Rose and Violet. They are very egg-cited for the Easter bonnet parade.

The three things you see most at Easter in England are 1. hot cross buns, 2. chocolate eggs, and 3. children on parade, wearing homemade Easter bonnets. So I had to incorporate all these things into my Easter mouse hole scene.

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Sarah Everard

For the past week and a half, we have watched a tragedy unfold right here in our neighbourhood. Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old woman, left her friend’s house on the street directly adjacent to our block, and began walking home to Brixton, across Clapham Common. She never arrived home.

About a day later, I started receiving messages from people sharing the information that a woman had disappeared from our area. Missing person fliers appeared on every post around here.

A massive search took place over the following days, with police combing Clapham Common and knocking on doors, asking people to check their doorbell camera footage from the night she disappeared. Helicopters hovered over our typically quiet (by the standards of a major city, anyway) neighbourhood.

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