Solving Mice-teries

The Curious Case of the Missing Mice

[Warning: This is going to be very cheesy.]

From the Diary of Dr. John Ratson

A string of mouse-nappings had Scotland Yard as stumped as a tail caught in a trap.

The evidence was as full of holes as a wedge of Swiss cheese.

They had no choice but to bring in the famous detective, Squeaklock Holmes.

After consulting with his elder brother, Micecroft, Holmes mused he hadn’t seen a case this curious since The Hound of the Whiskervilles.

“I smell a rat,” he declared. “It’s got to be none other than my sworn foe, the Big Cheese of Crime, Morbier-ty.”

One wonders, how does he use his powers of deduction to solve unsolvable cases?

“It’s emmental-ary, my dear Ratson.”

The End

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