In Mourning

HRH Prince Philip died yesterday, at the age of 99.

The nation has gone into mourning, so I’ve heard, but we’ve already been deep in that due to our own personal loss this week.

Easter Sunday was a very sad day for us, as we said goodbye to our beloved dog, Wren. It’s been a difficult week, to say the least.

12 years ago we rescued a very anxious and scared dog, and gave her all our love. Once she learned to trust us, she spent the rest of her life giving all her love right back to us.

The early years, when we were a family of 3

She was a true family member in every way. Protective (to a fault, those at the receiving end of her bark might say), loving, loyal, and always so tolerant with our girls, whom she accepted into our pack right away.

She was always there, our constant companion, our little shadow, our best friend… and now she’s not. Our hearts are broken and we miss her every minute. We’re just devastated.

Here we are when we were reunited after separate flights to London when we moved here in July 2016
London calling

I pray that Heaven is filled with her favorite things: endless fields and forests to explore, squirrels to chase, salmon skin to eat, sunbeams to bask in, and plenty of belly rubs.

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