Somebunny New in the Mouse Hole

Meet Rose and Violet. They are very egg-cited for the Easter bonnet parade.

The three things you see most at Easter in England are 1. hot cross buns, 2. chocolate eggs, and 3. children on parade, wearing homemade Easter bonnets. So I had to incorporate all these things into my Easter mouse hole scene.

Making tiny bonnets was a new challenge. It involved shaping felt circles over bottle caps (nail polish remover lids have a nice dome to them), brushing with glue, peeling off once dry, and then hot-gluing them to flat felt circles for the brims.

The decorating part was pure creative fun. As my girls decorated their own bonnets, I was painstakingly making a teeny-tiny chick to go on top of a mouse bonnet. I was in my element.

The nest with eggs, chick, and flowers were all from various Easter bonnet decorations over the past few years. E ‘painted’ a half-dozen Playmobil eggs with markers, and I made the hot cross buns out of Play-Doh, which I ‘glazed’ with clear nail polish. I am nothing if not resourceful in my crafting. I can’t claim the tiny basket-weaving skills, though. Those dollhouse-size baskets I ordered on eBay.

And of course, with the Rule of Six returning this week, our mice can now host a few friends in their open-air space, so it came as no surprise when I discovered they already have some visitors.

PLUS, we’ve got some copycat–er, mouse–boot scraper scenes popping up around London, too!

This one is just around the corner from the OG Wakehurst Mouse Hole, directly across from the beach resort boot scraper. (I still have no idea who did that one, btw.)

I love the recent addition of the little balloon arch!

And a follower on Instagram sent me this:

Finally, I found this boot scraper last weekend, set in a gorgeous pink wall.

It’s just crying out for some very flamboyant mice to move in and decorate with some tiny plastic pink flamingos, and maybe a disco ball… the possibilities are endless!

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