More Mouse Hole Media Madness

On International Women’s Day, I received a notification that I’d been included in this list of “inspirational local women.”

I’m sure it’s not deserved, and there are plenty of way more inspirational women than me in our borough, but consider me very flattered!

And then I had another interview, this time with BBC London, and this time in front of a camera. In the cold, driving rain. And wind. I thought the guy would postpone because of the weather, but I guess if the UK news crews did that, they’d have very few days of the year they could actually film. So there’s a lot of background noise, which is the rain.

It aired today, and I had people messaging me this morning to tell me they had just seen me on Channel One!

Here are my mice being interviewed for the BBC. Meghan and Harry only got on ITV, just saying.

And here I am, on the BBC!

And apparently I was on TV again during the 6 o’clock news, AND the 10 o’clock news. A friend kindly recorded her TV with her phone to send to me, ha!

“The Clapham crafter who’s been keeping spirits high… low on the ground.” Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Since two of my Alice in Wonderland mice went on an unexpected holiday, to the Wakehurst Beach Resort boot scraper round the corner, I decided to start St. Patrick’s Day a bit early.

Besides, outside of the beach resort, it was a very dreary, wet day, and I felt like we all needed a rainbow. Meet Seamus O’Mousey.

I’m super in love with the way a simple orange feather transformed into his fluffy ginger beard. Also, the black sequin buckles on his shoes. This little leprechaun is one of my favourite mice I’ve made.

At some point, someone brought him a wee can of Guinness, which was just exactly what he needed.

I’ve been getting quite a few requests from people asking if I’ll make them a mouse. Unfortunately, as much as I’d love to, I don’t have the time or the ability to make a mouse for every person who wants one. But please do enter the contest I’m holding right now! Make a donation to a charity that helps women, and message me to let me know you’ve done so, and you’ll be entered into a contest to win a bespoke mouse, which I’ll make to your specifications (within reason, of course!). Contest now closed. Update below.

UPDATE: We have a winner!

This contest raised more than £500 for charities that help women, including: Little Village, Solace Women’s Aid, Pay It For Her, Refuge, Reclaim These Streets, Victim Support, Rape Crisis England & Wales, Sisters Uncut, Women’s Aid, Halo Project, and Girls Out Loud.

And you didn’t think I’d forget Red Nose Day, did you? We raised money for Comic Relief too.

PLUS, members of the Walk family also matched some donations, raising an additional $200 for women’s charities in the U.S.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who participated and donated! I’m so proud my little mice could do so much good.

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