Mice on Holiday

Well, this was a surprise! We have a boot scraper copycat–er, mouse–hole around the corner from the original Wakehurst Mouse Hole!

An invitation appeared in “my” mouse hole the other day, which the homeowner took a photo of and sent to me. I quickly headed down the road to check it out in person.

After seeing the note, I walked around the corner and discovered this:

As soon as I read them the invitation, Alice and the March Hare ditched the tea party (and the Mad Hatter to his madness) and got busy relaxing and enjoying the perks of their new influencer status.

I have no idea who did this, whether it’s the homeowner or some rogue boot scraper vandal like myself. But it’s pretty delightful!

Now if only someone would offer to send ME on a beach holiday, as well…

UPDATE: Someone made them tiny sunnies!

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