Alice in Pandemicland

Remember when I used to post about other things, not only felt mice in an old boot scraper? Maybe one day soon we’ll be able to do exciting (or even just normal) things again…

But the most important thing is: the children go back to school on Monday!!!

And for now, that is all I need.

Spring is around the corner, and much like the weather, the PM’s “road map” out of the pandemic looks cautiously optimistic for the quality of life in London to improve over the next few months. We seem to have made it through the worst, and are tentatively beginning to make some plans for the summer.

And now back to your regularly scheduled London-in-lockdown mouse hole program(me).

In celebration of World Book Day this week, the Wakehurst Mouse Hole is hosting a tea party fit for a mad mouse (and Alice mouse, and March hare)

I’ve had a few more seconds of fame recently, with a photo shoot/interview with Best of Clapham @bestofclaphamldn for Instagram (for their “Faces of Clapham” feature), and then a radio interview on BBC Radio London, on the Robert Elms Show. My mice’s heads might start swelling.

You can listen to me here (for the next 28 days). Start listening at 2:09:52.

I’m amazed I sound so poised; I was incredibly nervous. Mostly I was just thankful it was a non-visual medium, so I didn’t have to worry about what to wear, or remember how to put on makeup!

It took me long enough to make myself look presentable for this photo shoot/interview on Sunday:

Photo credit: Petr Kaiser / @bestofclaphamldn

I really need a haircut. But then, so does everyone else around here. That aside, I’m pretty happy with how the photos turned out. And now I’m featured on this “Faces of Clapham” thing.

I’m no “influencer,” but this is the closest I’ve ever felt to being one. Should I be including links to everything I’m wearing? So far, no one has stepped forward and offered a sponsorship, so I guess not. Should I be selling tiny product placement spots in the mouse hole? JUST KIDDING.

And now the BBC has contacted me again, about doing something next week for their digital platforms, which sounds like it may require another DIY blow-out and rummage through the wardrobe to find something other than athleisure to wear.

And I’ve continued to receive messages from people telling me how much joy it’s brought them in this dark time.

I’ve even received flowers and fan mail!

This sweet little girl named Bella brought flowers for me, tiny flowers for the mice, and some very nice letters and pictures. I thought Squeakers should go live with her, and it looks like she has already settled in nicely to her forever home with Bella and the mouse hole she and her mum made.

It continues to amaze me how much this little thing I’ve done has touched so many people. Forget the head swelling, my heart is the part of me that is swelling more every day.

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