Bernie in the Mouse Hole

The instantly iconic Bernie-Sanders-at-the-inauguration memes this week have been giving everyone something to laugh about during a difficult time, so I decided to get in on the fun.

Not much else to do on a cold January Saturday in lockdown, anyway. I made everything out of materials I already had in the house, which I think Bernie would appreciate. The chair is recycled cardboard and clothespins/pegs, and his hair is some clippings from one of my daughter’s stuffed animals (shh! don’t tell her!)

Hope this gives lots of people a good laugh when they walk past a certain Victorian boot scraper on Clapham Common!

In fact, I already received a message via Instagram, from someone I don’t know:

I think she might be right, I HAVE outdone myself, and I’ve probably peaked now. I don’t think I can top this one!

And ICYMI/have been living under a rock, here are a few examples of what this is about:

3 thoughts on “Bernie in the Mouse Hole

  1. Amazing job! The kids in my care like going back to the hole regularly to check if there is anything new.
    Obviously they don’t know who is Bernie Sanders. But they said that a kind old man is giving a lovely company to the cold winter mouse now. 😉👌

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