Mouse Hole Update

(If you missed the original Christmas mouse hole post, read it here first.)

We checked on “our” mouse hole this week, and discovered a gift had been delivered to the mice.

I’d actually been a bit surprised that not that much had been added to the scene yet, in the few weeks that it’s been there. A cardboard star had appeared above the hole within a couple days, and then a golden pinecone and some glittery acorns, but that was all for a while.

But every time we visited it, we saw people stopping and smiling and taking photos of it. And when I was there changing the batteries for the lights, two people walked by separately and told me how much they love the mouse hole. So it had definitely achieved its purpose.

But this week some new treats appeared!

Since it was clearly a child’s handwriting, I wondered if someone really had named their children after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, but then a couple days later a photo with a note on the back brought some clarity:

Our mice have friends! Friends who visited them and brought them a Christmas present!

AND they now have a Christmas feast, which was apparently delivered by Holly and Noel, whose names lead me to believe they must be Christmas elves…?!

(But seriously, no cheese??)

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