Day 14 of Our Captivity

Well, both Boris Johnson and Prince Charles have tested positive for Coronavirus, so maybe London’s lockdown should have come a little bit sooner and with stricter enforcement, eh, lads?

A few updates from our 6-foot-radius-bubble of self-isolation:

We have continued to leave our house once a day, to get some fresh (well, sort of) air and sunshine and exercise, while staying far away from others, which my girls are already remembering to do on their own. It’s amazing how adaptable kids are, you know? Instead of fighting over who gets to push the button for the walk signal at the road crossing, my kids now fight over who gets to push it with their elbow. And they’re the first to move over as far to the side of the sidewalk as possible when they see someone else coming towards us.

As my 3-year-old did that today, she explained to me, “Don’t go too close to anyone because we have germs. And that’s Coronavirus.” She sounded like she was auditioning to be the poster child for social distancing.

On our visits to Clapham Common, I’ve noticed that people seem to be better about social distancing than they were a week ago, except for the idiots still continuing to use the outdoor gyms, ignoring and stepping over the police tape wrapped around them to indicate CLOSED. Come on, people.

I witnessed an altercation at one of them the day before yesterday, where a woman was working out and two men came from two different directions (they weren’t together) and started yelling at her for using the gym. She yelled back, and it was quite the scene.

I posted all of the above on Instagram and tagged the Met Police, as well as the local council, and by the next day, fencing had been erected around the gym. Good.

And now for some uplifting stories, which we all desperately need right now.

On Thursday night, we joined the rest of London at 8 p.m. for the #clapforcarers event here, where we all came out onto our front doorsteps or leaned out windows to clap for the medical workers who are working so, so hard right now, and risking their own health. A couple minutes of clapping is not enough, but it’s all we can do right now, besides stay home. THANK YOU.

And our neighbours have come together to help celebrate the birthdays of the kids on our street during this time, since they can’t have birthday parties with their friends. Yesterday morning at 10 a.m. we again emerged from our homes to sing “Happy Birthday” to the first birthday kid (the older brother of a boy in E’s class), and it was such a heartwarming, humanity-affirming moment. One of the neighbours took this video from his roof, and just watching it makes my heart swell. The woman who lives directly across the street from the birthday boy’s house even hung up “Happy Birthday” banners and a sign with his name on it, so he could see the decorations from his house.

I didn’t know many of these neighbours on my block before this, but we now have this block WhatsApp group, and I am loving the way we are coming together as a community now and looking out for each other. We are all looking forward to a massive street party when this is over!

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