Around Here Lately: Madonna, Mum Dance, and Megxit

{Note: I’ve got several blog posts in the works right now recapping trips we’ve taken, but I just realized that I didn’t post anything in February at all. Fortunately, I got an extra day this year to make sure I got a post up this month! So this is going to be a bit random and rambly.}

It didn’t fit in with the alliteration in my post title, but actually the main word on everyone’s possibly-masked lips right now is “Coronavirus”; “Megxit” and even “Brexit” seem to be taking a break from the mouths of the gossiping masses. We just had February half term (weeklong school holiday), and a ski holiday in the Alps is a very popular destination for this particular break every year. We know lots of our kids’ classmates who did this, as well as our next-door neighbours. (We went to Lisbon, which will be given a full and robust post soon.)

In Lisbon last week

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