How I Spent My Summer Vacation

We’re back in London after spending a month in the States, visiting family and friends in both Oregon and Virginia.

It’s hard to believe that it’s the first of September. The weather is still lovely, but it’s getting dark noticeably earlier. Our girls start school in a couple of days. There isn’t much in the way of back-to-school shopping to be done here. E will wear her same uniform pieces, and the school provides all school supplies. (Nice, huh?)

Our neighbourhood feels like Sleeping Beauty waking up from an extended slumber: families filtering back in this weekend after their summer holidays; more and more people appearing in the parks and restaurants and gym classes every day; small shops and restaurants reopening after closing for August; the class WhatsApp group text coming back to life after a (welcome) silence, planning a back-to-school picnic.

It was so easy to slip back into my natural state of being an American in America that living in London almost felt like it was already a memory. I loved our time back “home”, and especially getting to see so many loved ones, and giving our girls some American summertime experiences that they can’t get in London (Slip’n’Slides! Otterpops! Tire swings with the cousins! Secret Agent camp! Picking food in the garden! Vomiting in the car!).

But I was also happy to discover that I still live in London, and that our borrowed time here is not yet over.

And this old girl was certainly thrilled to have her family back.


Once the kids are back in school and I have a few precious hours to myself each day, I plan to get busy writing and posting the stories from earlier in the year that I still want to write and post. More to come soon, I promise!


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