Is That You, Banksy?

I finally found some Banksy street art here in London. I’m fascinated by Banksy and how he’s managed to remain anonymous despite being quite famous.

On Farringdon Road in East London, outside the Mount Pleasant Mail Centre, this rat with a sign (which, according to the interwebs, used to declare “Always Fail,” apparently in reference to the Royal Mail’s nickname) has been confirmed to be an authentic Banksy.

And close to home, right on our high street Northcote Road, a building wall has been painted with:

But from what I have managed to find about this HOPE artwork online, it’s unknown whether it’s actually by Banksy or a copycat graffiti artist.

Either way, I like it, and I like passing by it, and I hope it doesn’t get whitewashed or painted over like so much of Banksy’s art around London.

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