Red Nose Day for Comic Relief

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Right now I am watching the Red Nose Day telethon on BBC, which alternates between comedy sketches by British celebrities and heart-wrenching videos showing where the money raised for Comic Relief goes to help people in need, in the UK and abroad. And some live music performances thrown in there. Throughout, there are pleas to donate money for the cause.

I learned about various projects the money funds, from helping children in Africa with malaria, and mothers there giving birth without access to a doctor; to people in the UK struggling with mental health problems; to refugee families.

E’s school raised funds by holding a bake sale, selling red noses, and, if they donated at least £1, the children could wear whatever they liked for school today (instead of their uniform). They were encouraged to wear red, and silly red headwear or wigs and, of course, red noses.

It cost £1.25 to buy a red nose, proceeds from which go to the Comic Relief charity. It turns out they are not just plain red clown-type noses, but come in all different characters, and you don’t know which one you’re going to get till you’ve bought it and opened the box.

“His name is Harry,” E announced when she opened hers, which she purchased with money from her “Donate”-designated money box. “Harry Nostril.”


Actually, upon inspection of his box (which you can flip inside out and fold into a castle, because why not), I discovered his name is actually Hairy Nosetroll.


We bought it at the beginning of the week, and then she spent all week trading red noses with her classmates. It seemed like every day she came home with a different one, telling me whom she swapped with, and talking about which ones are “rare” or “ultra-rare.”

You know the saying, “You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose…” I guess in England you actually can pick your friend’s nose.

You can donate to Comic Relief at

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