Trump Protest in London


Donald Trump’s first visit to the UK was this weekend, and plenty of people here had plenty of things to say about it.


While he apparently claimed, “Brits like me a lot” (it would be laughable if it weren’t terrifying how delusional he is), that wasn’t the view from where I stood on Friday.


250,000 people came out to protest him and his policies and make it known that he is not being welcomed with open arms by the people of London.


My friend and I went to join in and make our voices heard, but first we also just had to stop by Parliament Square to see the much-anticipated baby Trump balloon.

Something’s in the air, all right, but it ain’t love

Oh, but he’s a tangerine beaut.

Once again, I must declare my love for the city of London. That certainly wouldn’t fly in just any city.

We gathered for the protest outside the BBC building, and then marched down Regent Street.


I didn’t make a sign this time, like I did for the Women’s March last year, (seriously, I just had too many things I wanted to say for one sign), but there were placards available at the start of the protest that anyone could pick up. We had also been told by organisers to bring pots and pans to “make some real noise,” so I brought a frying pan and a wooden spoon and clanged away, probably doing permanent hearing damage to myself.

Here are some of the great signs I saw:

Protested and still got home in time for school pickup—mom win.

I had a good discussion with E that night after she saw the “Dump Trump” sign in the house. I tried to explain to her that it’s important to stand up for yourself and for others when you think the leaders in charge aren’t making good choices for everyone else. I gave her a few examples of things that I disagree with the president of our home country on: that two people in love should be allowed to get married, whether they are a man and a woman or a man and a man or a woman and a woman; that all people are equal and should be allowed to come into our country without fear of being sent back, if they want to stay and make a better life for themselves and their families, like my grandpa’s family did; and that I do not like guns and think there should be no guns allowed, because they hurt and kill people. I didn’t get into the “a woman’s body is her own” stuff for now. I think that was more than enough for her to take in.

My little activist wanted in on it and made her own sign this morning, all of her own volition.

I’m so proud. (Even though I’m trying to teach kindness to all, but I’ll allow it this time.)

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