Harry Potter in Concert

Our first concert at the Royal Albert Hall was also a film screening. Last weekend we went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which we’ve of course seen before, but this time it was accompanied by a full concert orchestra and 28-person choir.

The Royal Albert Hall really is stunning, and it’s known for its incredible acoustics. The BBC Concert Orchestra and English Chamber Choir performed John Williams’ iconic score, from those haunting opening notes all the way through the credits at the end, while we watched the film on a 40-foot screen.

M and I hired the girls’ favorite babysitter for Sunday afternoon and went to the matinee, which was such an indulgent treat. A day date!

“We never go to the movies!” said M. “Well they’re not usually accompanied by a full orchestra and choir,” I pointed out. Though naturally the tickets cost quite a bit more than going to the Odeon.

The RAH is doing the full series of HP films in concert, so if you’re a Potterhead and coming to London, check the Royal Albert Hall website for the schedule.

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