The Story of Tonight

Well, last night, actually, but that’s not the name of the song. We’ve had these tickets to see Hamilton on the West End for 14 months, and it was finally our time!

M and I agreed this show actually lives up to the hype, which is saying something, because it’s gotten a lot of hype. There were a lot of Americans in the audience, and I bet people who hadn’t been able to get tickets to see it on Broadway bought tickets when they went on sale for the West End production (in January 2017, when we did) and then planned a trip to London around the date they were able to get, which is what we did a couple years ago to come see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Or maybe it was just a largely American audience because the story of the American Revolution isn’t one they like to recount in British history lessons?

We went on a Monday night, which is the second exciting Monday night out in a row for me. Monday night is the new Saturday night, y’all. JK I’m a total mombie today—dead woman walking (with baby buggy).

Hamilton is playing in the newly restored Victoria Palace Theatre, which is really easy for us to get to from Clapham Junction. I wish there were more theatres right there!

The show really is just brilliant. I can’t get over the creative genius of the lyrics—it’s pure poetry—and that one man wrote all of it! And the concept is such a strange one, how could someone come up with that to begin with? I know, I’ll write a hiphop musical about Alexander Hamilton. What?

The girl next to me was by herself and was having a full-on religious experience. She lip-synced along to the entire show, every word of it. Sometimes sound was coming out, too, and I nearly tapped her arm to remind her we weren’t in a karaoke bar. She was even doing hand motions at certain points, mirroring what they were doing on stage. I’d love to know how many times she’s seen the show. She also went through a pack of tissues. I mean, pull yourself together, girl.

Though I must admit I’ve listened to nearly the entire soundtrack at home today. And M and I both said we’d love to go see it again. If you have the opportunity, go see Hamilton!

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