Marrakech, Part 3: Street Food Tour

{Read Marrakech, Part 1 and Marrakech, Part 2}

One of the things M really wanted to do in Marrakech was go on a street food tour. This one had very high ratings online, and it did not disappoint. Even if you don’t eat at every stop (I certainly didn’t want to), you will not go hungry! We both really enjoy learning about different cultures through their food, and this tour offered just that.


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Marrakech, Part 2

{Read about the beginning of our trip to Marrakech, Morocco, here: Marrakech, Part 1.}

We loaded up on another 5-star breakfast at the riad on Saturday morning (this time we were served some amazing fritters of some kind—I never did find out what they are called), building up our energy for a day of haggling in the central souks.


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Marrakech, Part 1

(I was going to title this post Walk the Kasbah, but thought better of it.)

In late October, M and I had the opportunity to once again travel without our kids (thank you, Mom and Dad!!!), so we chose somewhere on our long list of to-gos that we thought would be considerably easier without children along, and so we were off for a three-and-a-half-day trip to Marrakech, our first time in Africa.

We arrived Thursday evening, having flown from London Gatwick direct to Marrakech. The airport feels really new, and was beautifully designed to reflect the city and its traditional arts and craftsmanship.

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