Christmas Jumper Day

You know how ugly Christmas sweaters have become a thing in recent years? I’m pretty sure England invented them. They LOVE their Christmas “jumpers” here. People—all ages—wear them all December long. Remember that scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary when she first meets Mark Darcy and he’s wearing the reindeer jumper?


Yeah, in reality, he wouldn’t be at all embarrassed about it. I’ve seen so many men rocking around in their Christmas tree jumpers and they totally own it.

I snapped this at Bounce, a trendy ping-pong bar (yes, you read that right) we went to for M’s office holiday party last week:

I don’t know any of these people, but I like their style

There’s even an official Christmas Jumper Day, which is today, 15 December. It’s for the charity Save the Children, and the idea is simply that you wear your Christmas jumper and make a donation. I saw tons of great, cheesy Christmas jumpers and even full-on costumes being worn out and about today.

We decided to get in on the fun this year and got some knitwear cheer for the whole family.

M really wanted a bicycle-theme Christmas jumper, and I don’t even want to know how much time I spent searching the interwebs for that. In the end, we got two: a bicycle sweater, which isn’t particularly Christmassy but is at least in red and green, and a Christmas cycle jacket, both made in England.

The girls each have several, because they’re festive like that:

And me? I went full tacky-fabulous with this sequined delight, which I found on Amazon:


You can find Christmas jumpers at most department stores in London from mid-November. Lots of people buy a new one every year. There’s a solid amount of excitement around Primark, a low-cost department store, revealing its line of Christmas jumpers for the season.

I recently braved a visit to the big Oxford Street Primark for the Harry Potter collection (spoiler alert for my HP-loving family and friends: you’re all getting socks!)

I took a look at the Christmas jumper section while I was there, but got out of there as quickly as possible because I was near to having a panic attack from the crowds. Or possibly just from the volume of Christmas tat.


My other favourite places to find a good English Christmas jumper; go ahead, give ’em a scroll:

Marks & Spencer



John Lewis


Jojo Maman Bebe

Then there are some things that are just totally over-the-top ridiculous.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 9.03.08 PM

I actually saw a man wearing a full fair isle suit like this one on Christmas Jumper Day last year:


Just walking down the road like that, smug as anything, knowing he looked awesome. SMH.

And then there are the dirty ones, which are also out there, but I try to keep this blog family-friendly, so I won’t post any here. OK maybe just one, which I took on our recent trip to Vienna, at one of the Christmas markets (Vienna Christmas market post coming soon, promise):

Ooh, Santa, you’re so cheeky

Oh! And you didn’t think I’d leave Wren out, did you?

The postman is never going to take me seriously ever again.

We’re totally sleighing it this year.


And if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation in which you’re without a Christmas jumper, you can just go to a restaurant that helpfully provides them in napkin form.


(My mom’s Christmas jumper napkin declared “ALL THE JINGLE LADIES.”)


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