Santa Is Coming 

Did Santa ever give you a present you didn’t ask for? Something that really just didn’t seem right? Want to know why? It’s because after he leaves the U.K., he’s flaming drunk.

That’s right. Here’s a page from our new book, Santa Is Coming to London.

We also have Santa Is Coming to Maryland. In this version, the good little American children leave Santa milk and cookies.

Well, kids, turns out Santa actually prefers a mince pie and a “small glass of something.” He only takes a “tiny sip” at each house, but London is pretty densely populated, with 8.4 million people in the city, so…

I guess that explains the cherry-red nose and cheeks. Good thing the reindeer are the ones actually doing the driving. And no doubt he uses GPS/sat-nav these days.

Perhaps instead of milk and cookies, children that live west of here should leave out some strong coffee and a couple of aspirin.

Happy December, everyone!

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