Life in London Lately (Autumn Edition)

Busy busy busy. Between E being out of school in August and then transitioning to/settling into “big school” in September, I haven’t had much time to write up everything we’ve been up to. We’ve had both sets of our parents plus a friend visit, and we’ve traveled abroad a couple times, so there’s lots to catch up on.

And in my day-to-day schedule of handling E’s school stuff (there’s a lot of parental involvement, both required and voluntary), shuttling the girls around to their various classes and activities, trying to do the “admin” stuff that needs to be done in order to make our lives run smoothly, maybe working in a workout, or trying to do anything social with other adults, that hasn’t left much time for sitting down with the ol’ Walks Between the Commons. (For someone who isn’t actually working right now, I sure feel like I work awfully hard.)

Add to all that: sleep deprivation from sleep training the nearly-year-old baby who recently cut three teeth at once; trying to get rid of a miserable eye infection (twice), angular cheilitis, and plantar fasciitis, because apparently once you’re 35 your body starts to fall apart; dealing with the horror of pulling notes out of the school bag about cases of lice (thrice) and threadworms* in her class (and then working myself into an obsessive frenzy over trying to kill non-existent lice and nits in my hair and house, thanks to school-note-induced psychosomatic head itchiness, despite never spotting a single egg in E’s or my hair after combing with the special comb and conditioner and besides, her hair is so blonde and thin it’s practically transparent anyhow so I doubt I’d need the special comb to see if she had the dreaded head bugs); extracting bits of scrambled egg and baked beans from the dog’s fur (all part of the baby-weaning process when you have a dog who knows under the highchair is the best place to be); and handling a phone call from the school when my brilliant child who won an achievement award just the previous week managed to get a button stuck up her nose.

I mean, phew. Is it any surprise I only just finished blogging about our trip to Scotland that was nearly two months ago now?

I’m trying to get back on top of it, so I hope to have a bunch of new posts up soon to cover what we’ve been up to outside of the daily life stuff. Because even though we deal with all the usual stuff that’s all part of the deal when you have kids, we are doing it in London, and that’s pretty awesome.

E scooted home carrying a baguette under her arm the entire way. I’m pretty sure this means she’s European now.

*Ask me sometime about threadworms. It’s too horrifying to type. Don’t google it.

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