Our 11th Anniversary: Worth the Queues

I’ve got a slew of updates to come, covering our weeklong (kid-less!) trip to bonny Scotland, but until I can get those put together (you don’t really want to see all 500+ pictures I took, do you?), here’s how we spent our 11th wedding anniversary last night:

There’s a restaurant at Borough Market called Padella that does fresh, handmade pasta. There’s always a long queue outside to get in (they don’t take bookings).

So we queued for an hour (fortunately there was a stand selling draught pints of Camden ales nearby, and it was also a perfect-weather-type day) and then were rewarded with a delicious dinner.

Then it was off to the Royal Festival Hall at Southbank Centre to see/hear David Sedaris.

I’ve seen him once before, in Baltimore, but this was M’s first time. He definitely didn’t disappoint. We laughed for much of the hour and a half he talked and read his essays, and then he did a Q&A.

Someone asked him why, when he has the whole world to choose from, he chooses to live mostly in Sussex. He responded that he just loves England, and thinks it’s all so beautiful, and also that he likes that people don’t kiss in public here. That drove him out of France, he said. People making out in public all the time. Couldn’t take it. Hilarious.

Afterward, we queued once more to meet him and have him sign one of his books for us. We chatted with him about being Americans living in England, and then told him it was our anniversary. He fished around in a tote bag for a while and finally pulled out a card that read “Sorry about the other night.” He told us we could pass it back and forth. Sage marriage advice courtesy of the inimitable David Sedaris.

He had another author with him last night, Akhil Sharma, who read a bit from his book of short stories, and we bought that too. He wrote us a dedication in the front of the book, and then asked about our daughters and wrote a note to them in the back of the book, for “when they can read.”

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