A Proper English Garden

Going from a house with a big yard and lawns that needed quite a bit of regular maintenance to a house with a small “garden” that’s literally just a patio made us really lazy when it came to plant upkeep. We pretty much didn’t do anything back here for almost a year, other than buy a new patio table set.

But finally this summer, we realised the old bamboo planters had had it. Everything was either dead or now weeds, and the planter pots themselves were literally crumbling. Yikes, what an eyesore!


We went to Battersea Flower Station, which is a cute name if you are familiar with Battersea Power Station, and asked for some advice on container planting. We ended up buying a bunch of plants for some new planters (which I bought at Homebase), seven different herb plants for me to grow an herb garden, plus a strawberry plant for E.

Battersea Flower Station

I spent some time planting it all, added some fairy lights to the lattice, and voila! A much more visually pleasant space in which to spend our summer evenings.


Our entire back wall between the kitchen and the garden is an accordion glass door, so we can open up the whole wall and it’s like one big indoor-outdoor room, which we absolutely love. (It helps that there aren’t big bitey mosquitoes here.)

My herb garden has exploded, too. I’ve had to make and freeze batches of pesto because my basil just went crazy. I don’t even know what to do with all the sage and mint that have gone wild. Come by, bring some gin, and I’ll make you a minty G&T.

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