Two Days at Downton Abbey

Well, Highclere Castle is its real name. Like many American women, I loved the TV show Downton Abbey, and wanted to go visit the place where it was filmed, which is actually a lived-in home owned by the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon. It’s only open certain days of the year, primarily in July and August (presumably the owners are at their summer estate somewhere), which must be booked in advance.

When my friend Amber was visiting last month, we (plus Baby R) went for a day trip.

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A Proper English Garden

Going from a house with a big yard and lawns that needed quite a bit of regular maintenance to a house with a small “garden” that’s literally just a patio made us really lazy when it came to plant upkeep. We pretty much didn’t do anything back here for almost a year, other than buy a new patio table set.

But finally this summer, we realised the old bamboo planters had had it. Everything was either dead or now weeds, and the planter pots themselves were literally crumbling. Yikes, what an eyesore!


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One Week, Two Very Different Plays

Seems I’ve been on a theatre kick lately, judging by this being the third post in a row about shows I’ve seen recently. Honestly, with the state of the world lately—and the disturbing news coming out of our home country, in particular: North Korea and Trump tossing serious threats back and forth, white supremacists marching through the University of Virginia, Baltimore calling for a 72-hour “cease-fire” like it’s a war zone because there have been 208 homicides this year so far, and it’s only August!—can you blame me for wanting to mentally escape the real world for a few hours?

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