Bach to Baby at Buckingham Palace

I’ve written before about the Bach to Baby classical music concert series for little Londoners, but I figured it was worth writing again, because I got tickets to one of the special concerts held at Buckingham Palace.

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Portobello Road Market

All this time here in London and, despite my love of markets, which has been well documented on this blog, somehow I hadn’t made it to the big Portobello Market in Notting Hill. It’s not particularly easy for us to get to from our part of London, which is the main reason for this.

So on Saturday we headed north of the river and into the land of candy-coloured houses and rows of stalls selling antiques, handmade goods, tourist tat, food, and more.


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Around Here Lately 

It’s hot in London. Legitimately hot, even by American standards. Sure, Baltimore gets hotter and definitely more humid, but pretty much everywhere I need to go is air-conditioned: house, car, office, stores, restaurants. I miss air-conditioning SO HARD right now. And what I would give for a ceiling fan!

I’m typing this with my feet swishing in the inflatable paddling pool I bought for the kids, which was maybe the best money I spent all year. I’m living off of sorbet and ros√©. People are queuing outside stores to buy fans. The grocery stores are literally sold out of ice cream. These are dark times.

The ice cream freezer at my local grocery store: completely empty. M reported the store by his office was the same. EVERYBODY PANIC!

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