Urban Gardening

I finally feel like I’m settled in this house, now that it has a terrarium. I’m only half joking. Tonight I went to the London Transport Museum for a terrarium workshop put on by London Terrariums.

I’ve made quite a few terrariums before, having attended three different workshops back in Baltimore, and then venturing out on my own and making them at home in glass containers sourced from Goodwill. But obviously I couldn’t bring any of them with me when we moved to London.

Then when we were at the Transport Museum with E a couple months ago, I saw a sign for the upcoming “Museum Makers” workshop series, and this was listed. I’m still not clear on what terrariums have to do with transportation, but this sounded right up my alley and all materials were included; plus, you got a cocktail!

Drinks were appropriately both botanical and transit themed

I decided to give mine a London transportation element, and stopped right there in Covent Garden at the market on my way in to the museum and bought a little red double-decker bus keychain for £1. Took the keyring off and voila! The perfect finishing touch, and now the connection has been made.

The real connection to London transport, I suppose, came when I had to figure out how to get a delicate glass ball containing a delicate little ecosystem home via bus, train, and another bus, plus walking. Fortunately, it’s home and intact, with just a few misplaced pebbles.

Honestly, after having attended four workshops now, and seeing that Londoners are willing to pay £70 for one, I should really start teaching these myself.

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