Celebrity Sighting

I had my first London celebrity street sighting today! As I don’t live in an area known to be home to celebs, like M’s coworker who has seen Hugh Grant a couple times when he’s been out walking his dogs (so he SAYS, anyway), I don’t really expect to see many famous people when I’m out walking around in my area. But today I was headed to Clapham Junction station with my girls, and walked right past and made eye contact with “Nurse Barbara” from “Call the Midwife,” one of my favorite TV shows!

Charlotte Ritchie, who plays Barbara Gilbert

She looked a lot edgier and more hip in real life, much less sweet and prim and proper than her 1960s character. I am definitely not the kind of person who would feel comfortable approaching a famous person and asking for a selfie, so I have no photo proof of my encounter, but I’m sure it was her! Now that I think about it, I really should have shown her my baby and asked if we could get on the show as extras….

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