Today’s Attack in London

First of all, we’re fine. We’re home safe. Thank you to all the friends and family who reached out to us this afternoon to make sure we’re all right, your concern means a lot.


If you didn’t see or hear the news today, there was an attack outside Parliament this afternoon. A man drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing and injuring people, then ran up to Parliament and stabbed a police officer. The attacker was subsequently killed by police. They are calling this a terrorist attack.

Normally I would have been not near this area, as I live across the river in southwest London, but I had actually gone right through there on a bus this morning, directly past Parliament, on my way to the Tate Britain for the David Hockney exhibition (which was fantastic, by the way). After then taking the baby to M’s office to show her off to his coworkers and then getting lunch with M, I decided it would take too long to take the same bus back home the way I came, in order to get to E’s school for pickup at 3 p.m. Instead I took a black cab to Waterloo Station, then the train from there, arriving back at Clapham Junction right about the time of the incident. Really glad I made that decision!

Traffic was apparently at a complete standstill this evening in London. M was able to get home without too much difficulty on his bicycle, but he said he’d never seen the traffic so completely jammed.

My heart goes out to all those directly affected by this tragedy. I’m so very grateful no one I know is among them. I was fortunate enough to get home to my girls and spend the rest of the day as the picture of English domesticity, assisting my 3-year-old with her Easter bonnet creation for tomorrow’s nursery school bonnet parade down the high street, making fish “goujons” for “tea,” and intermittently cleaning up pools of spit-up from my fussy baby, who so happened to be wearing her “Keep Calm and Carry Me” shirt. If anyone knows how to keep calm and carry on, it’s Londoners. (Unless they are still stuck in traffic. Those people are probably not very calm.)

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