She Works Hard for the…

Being a stay-at-home mother is definitely the hardest job I’ve ever had. Well, except for maybe the one day I worked in a cookie factory. I was not cut out for that. Oh, and working in customer service at Nordstrom’s flagship store in downtown Seattle at Christmas time was pretty miserable, especially when I worked the late shift till midnight and had to take the bus home from downtown in the middle of the night. But third hardest job, at least. Though I still get flashbacks to my first job at a grocery store whenever I walk by one of those can and glass bottle recycling machines and smell the unmistakeable aroma of stale beer… unclogging those machines is most unpleasant.
But this job is seven days a week, round the clock, with very few breaks. There’s no pay day, no sick time, and the bosses are extremely demanding and you have to take them on vacation with you. It’s HARD, y’all. I’m tapping this out on my iPhone in bits, in the dark, in the wee hours of the morning, while simultaneously jiggling this fussy baby and trying to soothe her back to sleep.

My Facebook post last Friday

That said, Baby R is already 11 weeks, which means that in America I would be going back to work in just one more week. I’m so grateful that I’m not doing the countdown to when I have to leave her at a daycare (or stressing about trying to secure her a spot in one). So I’m counting my blessings and feeling grateful I have this opportunity to take some time away from my career, though I definitely miss it sometimes.

I think she’s back to sleep now, and the other one will be up soon, so I will sign off with this truth nugget:

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