Mum and Baby Pilates

In this week’s installment in my quest to find a good workout I can do while I have a baby in tow, I tried two different mum and baby postnatal Pilates classes.

The first was in a pub. Seriously, my baby and I were lying on the floor looking up at a bar. It was a nice upstairs room the Northcote Pub rents out for events, but still, I find that pretty funny.

Working out sure makes a girl thirsty

I liked the class, but it was pretty gentle because it’s for both pregnant and postnatal women. I did it with a friend of mine who is pregnant, and there was one other pregnant woman and one other mum with her baby, so the class was small. I enjoyed it except for the part when R was crying and instead of doing the mat work on the floor that everyone else was doing, I just did squats and stationary lunges while holding her and trying to get her to settle down. Which I could have done at home, for free.

The next day I did a postnatal Pilates workshop by a different teacher in a coffee shop/church called Fresh Ground, which has a stay-and-play area for little ones, as well as a room that gets rented out for things like exercise classes. It was a free trial to drum up interest in her new class, so there were a lot of babies there, some mobile. It was mayhem. It was hard to hear what the instructor was saying at times over the cacophony.

I went with another friend and her 10-month-old, who definitely got a better workout than we did, crawling laps around the room and checking out all the other babies’ toys. And one woman’s iPhone, sorry about that… feel free to delete the pictures she somehow managed to take.

I guess because it was an introductory “workshop,” it was a bit more talking than actual exercising. Lots of focus on postnatal-specific stuff like pelvic floor exercises and being careful of the gap that’s formed in your stomach muscles. I would hope her actual class would have a little less conversation a little more action please, but at 20 quid per class, I won’t be finding out.

And so the search continues. You know what’s a lot more economical than these expensive classes? Doing YouTube workout videos in my guest room.

Look, there’s even a gym for baby!

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