London Yummy Mummy Fashion Report Autumn/Winter ’16

You know all those mommy blogs where the moms look so stylish and they post a million pictures of themselves with little Pin It icons on each one so you can save their look to your style board in the hopes that one day you might get it together enough to put an actual matching outfit together? And now I have a blog, and live in a super cool international city, so maybe you’re hoping I can give you a style report on what the women are wearing over here this season?

Turns out this is not one of those kinds of blogs. Right now I have all of one pair of jeans that fits, and at any given time my shirt is accessorized with white crusty spit-up courtesy of one child and/or stickers courtesy of the other, and I look in the mirror and try to count how many people I might have interacted with while sporting an Olaf the snowman sticker on the underside of my left boob.

Literally the only fashion trend I’ve noticed here is knit hats with a pompom on top. ALL the women walking around are wearing them. If you aren’t wearing a “fur bobble” hat you might as well be headless. Lots of little girls and babies have them, too. Considering I’ve been pregnant and newly postpartum, the only clothes I’ve purchased here so far have been breastfeeding-friendly dresses. And a pompom hat. Because, when in Rome. (Faux fur for me, of course.)

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.48.34 AM.png
That is not me.

This morning, as I was pushing my kids in the pram up the hill behind all the other mums pushing their kids up the hill in their prams, who were all wearing their possibly Queen-decreed winter headwear, E noticed my hatlessness and said, “You need to wear your baby hat.” My baby hat? I asked her. “Yes, you had a baby so now you have to wear a pompom hat.” Well, there you have it.

This has been your Autumn/Winter London yummy mummy fashion report. Stay tuned for Spring/Summer ’17. It’s sure to be at least this comprehensive. Over and out.

Okay now you’re just being ridiculous.

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