Borough Market Apple Day

As a farmers market junkie with a special place in my heart for fall festivals, when I saw Borough Market was holding an Apple Day I knew we had to go. It was unique, in a good way. I didn’t really understand the significance of the people wearing animal heads and capes, or the green-painted man covered in vegetables, but it certainly made for good people watching. It all had to do with the autumn harvest, and it felt kind of like going to a renaissance fair (fayre?)… minus the usual renaissance fair crowd (you know those CSA types).

There was live music, dancing, and a play for the kids, plus some strange “running of the sheep,” which involved people dressed as sheep and a giant shepherd on stilts coming through the crowd. It was quite a sight.

The Borough Market website describes the day as this:

“Borough Market’s acclaimed Apple Day celebration will take place on Sunday 23rd October 2016 in Three Crown Square and Green Market between 12-4pm. Apple Day is a lively family festival held in honour of the annual harvest; apple growers, traders and producers will be on hand to share their knowledge and enthusiasm, offering visitors the chance to sample an array of apple varieties, along with limited edition products such as preserves, breads, pies and juices.

“As usual the schedule will be packed with activities for all ages, reflecting the rich heritage of the British harvest. There will be a chance to try your hand at traditional games, while the entertainment will include our famous apple peeling competition, apple bobbing and Morris dancing. A local theatre company, the Lions Part, will delight the crowd. See the boisterous tale of the infamous Reynard the Fox with The Fabularium! With music and song, dancing, games, and the magical Story Orchard too.”

So there you go. Now, photos:

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