Rest, Nest, and Play Tourist

That was what I decided the theme of this last month before my due date would be. I planned it in the order of nest, tourist, then rest, and it didn’t quite turn out that way. I’m generally terrible at taking it easy. When I dislocated my knee, I was forced to rest for a week. This only turned my nesting period, which many pregnant women experience, into what I call my Manic Nesting Phase, because I felt like I’d fallen behind and had to get the house perfect and everything ready for baby’s arrival.

I had a similar experience with MNP during my first pregnancy. I think a good portion of it was because during both pregnancies we moved into a new house, so I had to get an entire house put together and turned into a home for my family, rather than just one room for a baby. And I think some of it is just my personality, which always wants to be doing something “productive.” Either way, the house now feels settled, the nursery is decorated, the baby clothes and blankets are washed and folded, my hospital bag is packed, and I have a casserole, a lasagna, chicken soup, and three different batches of muffins in the freezer (chocolate zucchini, apple cinnamon, and pumpkin pecan raisin, because you were wondering).

The rational part of my brain knows we live in a place where we can basically order any type of food imaginable with a few taps on an app on our phones and it will be here in 30 minutes. The irrational part of my pregnancy brain thinks: “WHEN I HAVE A BABY THERE MUST BE AMPLE MUFFINS BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW AND ALSO WHAT IF DONALD TRUMP BECOMES PRESIDENT AND STARTS BOMBING ALL THE COUNTRIES AND WE HAVE TO HIDE UNDERGROUND FOR A WHILE AND THEN WON’T WE BE GLAD FOR THE MUFFIN RATIONS?”

I know. I don’t know. At least the muffins may help me make friends with my cell mates upon my commitment to the psychiatric facility.

All this to say, I think my Manic Nesting Phase is finally slowing down, thank goodness, at least in part because we are running out of freezer space. So on Tuesday I took a break from nesting and procrastinated on resting and I took myself out for a little touristing while E was at school. (On Wednesday I still made pumpkin bread, but let’s not worry about that.)

I started my “me time” by walking to a coffee shop M found that looked promising.

A nice cup of pour-over at Story Coffee

Then I took a train and the tube over to the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum, which is a museum of art and design that I’ve been wanting to visit. I did my best to take it easy, and just spent about an hour and a half there in just two exhibits, a British fashion through the ages one, and a photography one.

Then I took the tube into the City to meet the husband for a lunch date, which was nice! We went to a street food market on Leather Lane, which sets up on weekdays. Everything looked and smelled amazing; it was a difficult choice. We finally settled on honey grilled chicken and veg rice bowls, and also picked up what may be the best brownies we’ve ever had, ever. They were buy three, get one free, so obviously we had to get four…

Walking through Leather Lane market

After M headed back to his office, I continued on to St. Paul’s Cathedral. I’ve toured it twice before, and wasn’t interested in paying another £18 or whatever it costs, but I went in through the side door down into the crypt and browsed in the gift shop, which is a good one.

I had also read that there’s a good (free!) view from a shopping center behind St. Paul’s, so then I went looking for that. You walk into the One New Change shopping center, take the lift up to the sixth floor, and you’re on the rooftop looking right at St. Paul’s dome. You also get a nice panoramic view of London, including the Shard and the London Eye.

Since I was there, I might as well do a bit of shopping…

Then it was time to head back to Clapham Junction to go pick up E from school. I was exhausted from so much walking, but it was fun to do a day date with myself, just doing things I wanted to do, before baby arrives!

Now, if only I could force myself to really rest before I regret not taking the opportunity to do that…

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