London Architecture Nighttime Photography Tour

On Thursday evening I headed into the City with my camera and tripod for a photography tour of some of London’s architecture at night. I figured this may be my last chance to do something like this for a while!

The tour was only two hours, so it could only cover so much ground, and it focused more on some of the newer buildings, like the ones known as “the Gherkin,” “the Cheese Grater,” “the Walkie-Talkie,” “the Shard,” and the Lloyd’s Building. There’s another one going up right there called “the Scalpel.” Londoners tend to have strong opinions about the look of these modern skyscrapers, but love or hate, they are certainly iconic-looking. We also finished down by the Tower of London for a nice view of the Thames and Tower Bridge. I’d love to do some more nighttime photography of some of the older buildings, like St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben), but that will have to wait for another time.


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