Apple of My London Eye

When we saw there was an Apple Day Celebration at Fulham Palace happening today, we jumped at the chance to do something that falls in the Fun Fall Activities category. An apple festival! At a palace! We’re in!

After getting off to a rocky start thanks to road works causing terrible traffic, resulting in our bus trip taking twice as long as it should have, we made it to Bishops Park and Fulham Palace.

There was a farmers’ market set up in the park outside the palace, so we stopped there first for some lunch. (If there’s anything we love doing on a weekend, it’s going to markets and festivals.)

Fulham Palace dates back to the year 700, and it’s served as a bishop’s residence for 12 centuries. It was mainly used as a summer home until the 20th century, when it became the principal home of the Bishop of London.

We found the apple festival set up inside the Walled Garden, and enjoyed some live music, lawn games, and some tastes of the apple cake baking contest entries.

There were actually fewer apples for sale there than you’d expect, but I found one box of Fuji apples, the only Fuji apples I have been able to find in this country, and they were crisp and delicious, as apples should be. (If you CAN grow them here, why don’t more farmers grow them??)

Our haul

After consuming three apples, a slice of apple cake, and a can of sparkling apple juice, I think that will keep the doctor away for today.

Playing croquet on a palace lawn… just your typical Sunday afternoon.

On the way home (faster by train), we got caught in a brief downpour, so we ducked into Waitrose (grocery store) to wait it out. And lo and behold, they finally have pumpkins for sale! And they are shockingly inexpensive! This beauty was just £3! We just had to carry it home, uphill, somehow…

Announcing our newest family member…


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