Down and Out But Back Online

Well, my worst-case scenario has happened. Living in London, where I have to walk everywhere, in a very vertical house with lots of stairs, and don’t know many people, and have no family nearby, and I can’t walk. I hurt my knee badly at a pregnancy yoga class Monday night, and am in terrible pain, and did I mention I have a 3-year-old and am 34 weeks pregnant?

I went to the nearest hospital’s A&E, which is the UK version of the ER (stands for Accident & Emergency). I waited over an hour to be seen, and the doctor was nice, but she didn’t seem to know much about knees or be able to tell me what’s wrong with it or how long it will take to heal. I was sent off with a useless brace, some crutches (infinitely harder to use when pregnant), and instructions to ice the knee and take paracetamol (UK version of Tylenol), which is the only painkiller I can take when pregnant. Can’t really have an X-ray, either. She did book me an appointment with the orthopaedic clinic for tomorrow, so I’ll go and see what they say.

In the meantime, I’m relying on the kindness of acquaintances, and using the small network I’ve managed to create so far to ask for help. I’ve reached out to nearly everyone I’ve met and have contact info for to find people to walk E to and from school, and find a nanny or babysitter who can come help me out before and after school. I feel so helpless and I hate that feeling. I guess it could be worse… I could have a baby here already that needs me to be able to walk so I can care for her, too!

Thank you, new friends, who have offered help and are taking E to and from school and have brought me a crutch and spaghetti bolognese (though it did take me a minute to figure out what “spag bol” meant). You are amazing for taking pity on this poor expat-in-distress!

Now that I’m chained to the sofa, I should be able to catch up on blogging. I have lots of blog ideas in my head that I just haven’t managed to type up. No more excuses now, so get ready for some recaps of the last month!

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