At the Weekend

Our last two weekends in London couldn’t be more different from one another. The last weekend before we moved to our house, when we were living in the City, we took advantage of our location right next to the “Walkie Talkie Building” (aka 20 Fenchurch Street) and went up to the Sky Garden at the top. You have to book a time slot in advance, but it’s free. It’s definitely worth doing, especially on a clear day like we were lucky to have! I would love to go back in the winter at night (so, anytime after 3 p.m.) and see the city all lit up from there. They have restaurants and bars in there, too, but we just walked around and enjoyed the view for a bit.

We also went back to Columbia Road Flower Market (and adjacent playground) on Sunday morning and then went in search of the “crone”—an ice cream cone made out of cronut (that’s croissant-donut) dough. It’s made by a donut shop called Dum Dum Donutterie. M got one, E got a crème-filled donut, and I got a chocolate cronut. Then we went to a bike shop so M could get yet another (eyeroll) bicycle. He picked out this gorgeous blue single-speed/fixed-gear bike with bull-horn handlebars, which he purchased from a tattooed Frenchman. I don’t know when my husband became such a hipster, but I just hope he doesn’t venture into manbun territory.

This Saturday, by contrast, was like your typical American suburban Saturday, in that the big events were trips to Homebase (the UK version of Home Depot) and IKEA. Except it’s way more complicated to do these errands without a car.

We took an Uber to and from Homebase, and then in the afternoon I walked to the train station, took a train, transferred to a tram, and then walked from a tram stop to IKEA. I spent the majority of the afternoon there, which was exhausting. But productive—I am sitting in my comfortable new wingback chair! We have a place to sit other than the bed and the hard bench and stools in the kitchen, hooray!

Well that was a little different.
My haul. Had to head to the home delivery queue after realizing that wasn’t going to fit in an Uber.
Don’t IKEA whilst pregnant.

As I sat by myself in the backseat of an Uber on the way home, next to my bag of toilet brushes, gobbling up Swedish candy and listening to some strange British radio show I understood maybe half of, the sunlight streaming through the window, I thought, this is the most relaxed I’ve felt in weeks. Though I suppose after a day of home improvement warehouse and IKEA shopping, anything would have felt relaxing.

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