Moving In

Husband: “Did you notice we don’t have a bathroom door?”

Me: “Oh. My. Gosh.”

And so the couple who has lived together for 10 years and never shared a bathroom has lost ALL privacy. This should be interesting.

Regardless, we are in! We moved in, and our air shipment was delivered, and about half our Amazon order, and our mattress but no bed frame, and E’s bed frame but no mattress, and we are MAKING THIS WORK.

The dog gives Clapham Common four paws up. She hadn’t seen a fraction of that much green space in over two weeks, and she was thrilled.

I love this house. The natural light in the kitchen. The big (though doorless) master bathroom. The closet space!!! The closet space in our bedroom is spectacular. (Though storage elsewhere is a bit lacking, from an American perspective, when we had a basement, a garage, AND a shed.)

The first items delivered were my new fun, aqua-hued retro-looking mixer and our groceries, so E and I set out to make some American chocolate chip cookies. I ran into some conversion confusion, though. Betty Crocker calls for 1 cup of butter, but the butter here comes in a package measured in grams.

Hmmm… I scratched my head for a while, googled it, and finally just let it soften until I could smoosh it into a measuring cup. Then I had to figure out the oven. I google the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion pretty regularly, because I really cannot figure out how to convert that in my head. So I went to set the oven to 190 degrees. But European appliances just baffle me. I at least got it to heat and bake the cookies, though they didn’t turn out as well as they normally do. Whether that was due to slightly different ingredients or the oven, I’m not sure. But at least they taste pretty good.

Me: “And they taste so good because they were made with…?” (Prompting her to say “love,” like in one of the books we have been reading a lot lately.)

E: “Chocolate chips.”

Well, true that, child.

The biggest snafu today came at the end. I had really been looking forward to taking a nice relaxing bath in my new tub. I’d even ordered some fancy lavender bath milk on Amazon. My pregnant body is pretty achey after all the unpacking and everything today, especially since E didn’t nap and I didn’t get a break all day. But I discovered tonight we have no hot water. Or at least we don’t know how to turn it on. I’d noticed earlier when washing dishes that the water never got hot, but it didn’t occur to me to check to see if it was more than just that tap. Nothing we can do about it at this point tonight, unfortunately. Ironically, we can’t figure out how to turn the towel warmer off.

So a cold shower and a hot towel, anyone?

Points to the husband who brought me pretty flowers to brighten up my currently messy kitchen! Too bad we didn’t put any vases in our air shipment, though. Or hangers. We forgot hangers. Back to the Amazon…

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