Furniture Shopping With a 3-Year-Old

Is challenging, that’s for sure. We have a pretty long list of things we need to buy for our new house, beds to sleep on as soon as we move in being the priority, but dragging a 3-year-old from one furniture store to the next isn’t the ideal way to shop. Yesterday we went to Tottenham Court Road, which is THE road for furniture shopping. E actually liked the part where we got to try out beds/mattresses. And somehow she didn’t break anything in the showrooms and stores with small breakable items everywhere, so that was a win. We celebrated with gelato at the end of the excursion.

Apparently our London aesthetic is “mid-century modern,” which is usually not my style, but it’s working for me here. M really likes it, and hey, I pretty much picked out everything in our American home, so why not let him make some of the choices in decorating our London home? It feels very masculine to me, and reminds me a little of my paternal grandparents’ stuff.

So far, we picked out this bed and dining table with bench from West Elm:


and this sofa, in a lighter “duck egg” blue color (the swatch draped over the back):


M also loves the idea of getting multicolored chairs for around the kitchen table. It’s fun–it’s like we’re picking out things just for a couple of years, not for our “real” house, so we can be more whimsical than we would normally be.


I can’t wait to sleep on our new mattress we also picked out. I’ve been waking up in pain from the one in the temporary flat, because I’m forced to sleep on my side right now, and this mattress is somehow hurting my hips when I do that. I practically fell asleep in the mattress store, and that’s how I knew I wanted That One.

We haven’t had great luck yet in a bedroom set for E, so I’m going to brave taking her to some more stores tomorrow on my own, and see how that goes…

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